Bluettes Saveur

About us

We respect and treasure each blueberry.

We know how important blueberries  are for a healthy lifestyle, together with high-quality products. For our own diet, we look for fruit that are full of taste and nutrients. This is why we grow the kind of blueberries we would choose for ourselves. By using the natural gifts of the land and the latest technology, we grow some of the largest, the most savorous, and full of nutrients blueberries on the market.

The perfect spot where nature and people can work in harmony.

The Bluettes Saveur business began with a search for the right place – the kind of land that provides the most qualities in blueberries. The soil has to be naturally acidic, to feed the plants with a maximum of nutrients. They also need a mild climate, so the blueberries mature in a natural rhythm. This way, they grow full of flavor, sweetness, and vitamins.

After months of searches, we finally found our place. In Romania, Satu Mare county, in the village of Homoroade, just 40 km away from the border with Hungary. This is how the Bluettes Saveur blueberry farm was created.

Ultra-modern sorting, packing, and cold storage facility

We also built an ultra-modern sorting, packing, and cold storage facility right there, on the farm’s premises. It allows us to quickly cold store freshly picked blueberries so they keep their shape, texture, taste, and nutrients.

Attention to detail and excellence

Just as we cultivate our blueberries with care, we also want to grow lasting partnerships based on respect and appreciation for quality. We pay attention to every aspect of growing blueberries, from plant to packing line. This way, we meet the most exigent packing and shipping needs of retail customers.